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ATIO International is a company that integrates solutions using the best products of the most recognized brands in the market. ATIO International provides access to virtually any technology needed to bring a Gas Station to the highest standards of technological demand.



ControlGas® Forecourt POS is the most simple solution to manage fuel sales in full-service gas stations. Our Point of Sale software is bundled into a small footprint , low cost wireless terminal that is ideal to manage payments, fleet and loyalty transactions in the forecourt or even in the customer's vehicle. 



ControlGas® PC POS is a solution specially fitted for the typical pre-paid self-service Fuel operation. The Software and Hardware bundle provides an out-of-the-box easy to implement forecourt control POS with the enhanced value of managing dry goods as well. When configured and placed into a C-Store ControlGas® PC POS provides the perfect solution for mix sales including both fuels and dry goods from the C-store. Ideal for the stations that need to manage self-service fuels and c-store sales from a single Point of Sale.



ControlGas® Auto-POS is the robot within ControlGas® that allows the system to process all kind of automated invoicing procedures. From countries were a ticket-per-transaction is enforced to electronic invoice management, they all require an automated task to take care of the invoicing (and eventual e-mailing) of the POS ticket. 



ControlGas® Stand Alone POS is the ideal solution to process transactions in ControlGas® Fleet and Loyalty servers from stations that do not own a ControlGas® POS or other certified Point of Sale solution. Minimize roll-out time for your new loyalty and fleet programs by immediately distributing ControlGas® Stand Alone POS and ensure that your new loyalty and fleet programs have the best coverage in the shortest time.


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ControlGas POS AiO® is the new offer for those Clients who need to manage their stations with the best world practices but at an unbeatable price and in the simplest way.
It combines the functionality of a Store or Booth Point of Sale with that of a handheld wireless Point of Sale for full-service dispatchers.
It integrates in a single unit the most advanced Point of Sale with the pump controller and tank inventory management (according to configuration).
Whether you are replacing an outdated system, or automating your station for the first time, ControlGas POS AiO® is the right way to reach the future with the least investment.



ControlGas® BO Express is the entry level solution to manage your station from a single workstation at a very affordable price. It includes the basic operative modules: Sales, Purchases, Suppliers, Customers, Banks, AP, AR, Inventory and Invoicing. It can operate with any of ATIO's POS configurations or with any Third Party Point of Sale that complies with the most popular standards in the market.



ControlGas® BO Full is the most comprehensive tool to manage every administrative process in your station. As ControlGas® BO Express takes care of the Sales, Purchases, Suppliers, Customers, Banks, AP, AR, Inventory and Invoicing processes at the station. Additionally ControlGas® BO Full provides complete accounting, local Fleet and Loyalty modules and the ability to manage multiple companies and centralize information on ControlGas® Corporate.



ControlGas® Head Office provides all the functionality and processes of a Station Back Office centralized and consolidated for a Group of Stations. Regardless of this stations being company owned, independents or franchises; no matter whether they all share a same company or are different incorporations. It provides centralized Fleet and Loyalty programs, and consolidated accounting.



Connect your existing VeriFone Ruby and Sapphire Points of Sale to ControlGas® Back Office using ATIO's certified interfaces and get the most of your assets protecting your current investments.



ControlGas® Autorizar and Web Access is the perfect suite of products to manage centralized Fleet customers. Transactions can be generated in any of ATIO's comprehensive suite of POS solutions or in any of the certified Third Party points of sale. It provides limits control on transactions considering: day/time, vehicle Id. Driver, products, amounts, delivery, daily and weekly accruals and much more. It also provides web access for final customers so they can manage their own transactions and limits.



Ationet® is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that makes fuel management very easy and affordable. Ationet® is ideal for all kind of refueling points including: retail gas stations, wholesalers, homebase stations, marine sites, mining, airports, railways and many others. Ationet® does not require any infraestructure investments since the service is fully provided from ATIO Cloud Servers, allowing a new Loyalty or Fleet program to be created from the ground up in minutes with no capital investments.



ControlVend® is the ideal tool to centralize, program and maintain all the devices installed in your Gas Stations including: Forecourt Controllers, ATGs, Fleet Management Systems, Price Signs and many others. Within the big manufacturers ControlGas® can communicate with it is fair to highlight: Gasboy, Petrovend, Veeder Root, OPW FMS, Gilbarco, Wayne and many others. If your company need is to consolidate the data originated on any of this devices, then ControlVend® is the right solution for your company.



The CPI Fusion System is packed with some of the most advanced software technology in the industry. Technology that gives you greater visibility into your most crucial systems, and the power to control those systems like you’ve never had before. The Fusion Control system is an easy way to connect with the forecourt today, with expansion capability for future upgrades. This off-the-shelf box easily connects your POS, BOS and your dispensers, regardless of the manufacturer. Resulting of a unique VAR/OEM agreement with Wayne, this high end offering of the CPI solution provides the most advanced forecourt management system in the market. It is intended for extremely demanding markets were the challenges in the forecourt exceed the traditional management of the Pumps and Tanks. CPI Fusion is a unique platform that serves as a gateway to multiple devices in the forecourt including: pumps, tanks, car-wash, price polls, media, Pay at the pump and even Domotics. Fusion is the product to choose when the forecourt challenge is expected to increase and the needs for centralized management are enforced. 



The CPI 4G is  the  newest  fuel  pump and CNG dispensers controller on the Market with unique features. This fourth generation of a solid state forecourt controller comes to the market as the perfect PAM/HyperPIB replacement solution. Its industrial design and robustness makes it almost unbreakable and provides unmatched service statistics with years of non-stop operation. Long battery operation protects the device in challenging environments with frequent power outages. Mechanical pump support makes it suitable for the most demanding situations. It provides wireless communications to the pump and forecourt assistant productivity tools from a single solid state box. Ideal to be deployed in dealer stations were the company has no invoicing demands but still wants to audit the fuel sales.

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Nano CPI 2 is the most robust and economical option for controlling fuels in demanding environments.
An economic solution for the control of dispatch to fleets in highly demanding environments such as remote self-consumption or as a solution on board a truck or a mobile tank.
Main features:
- Solid state platform with no moving parts, robust and reliable.
- Remote access to facilitate the service.
- PAM1000 standard interface emulation.
- Compatible with Ationet®.
- Easy data export.
- Connection with tank monitoring consoles.
- SMD mounting without Throughhold components susceptible to vibration damage.

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AT-200 is the best option to manage your fuel in an integrated way. AT-200 is the best option to manage your fuel in an integrated way. It is installed, configures and works.
AT-200 Integrated records all activities on the dispatch site: transactions, supplies, inventories and authorizations.
It provides all the necessary information for fuel use reports and inventory reconciliation.
Restrict fuel consumption according to an infinity of variables (what, when, where, how, at what time / day, frequency, volume, how much money, how much each time), or authorize shipments one by one as exceptions, if you prefer to drive The concept of loading orders.
Control of tanks and offices.

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Control Truck is a comprehensive system designed to meet the needs of transportation and fuel supply, from mobile tanks to gas stations and all types of vehicle or equipment.
Main features:
Traceability of fuel liter by liter from when it enters the tank until it is unloaded.
It measures the volume received and the volume supplied.
Control product levels minute by minute through GPRS / 3G remote monitoring.
Identifies the operator user that receives or supplies.
Authorize online a dispatch with a maximum available according to predetermined requirements.
Send all registered information to the cloud.
Viewing information on our portals or through interfaces with the client's ERP.

Fuel moves the world, ATIO moves the world of fuel.®

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